8 Ball Pool Hack and Cheats

How to hack 8 Ball Pool and get free unlimited coins and cash

Hacking a game is not an easy task to do but we managed to change the specific values of each player by manipulating 8 Ball Pool player’s database. My 8 Ball Pool cheats allow players to quickly add their name or guest name to the game (if they have not yet logged in through any of the platforms mentioned below) and add the resources they want in a matter of minutes. We do however have anti spamming algorithms that get triggered if someone wants to spam our servers. In order to get your resources, you have follow a very strict set of steps:

  • Enter your username or guest name.
  • Select the platform you are playing (iOS, Android, Web).
  • Select the amount of resources you want to add (up to 99.999 COINS and CASH).
  • Press the “ADD RESOURCES” button and be patient as the generator is now fetching your user data and changing your cash and coins values as submitted by you.
  • After all the above steps the system will require you to complete a survey in order to finalize the process. Mostly the surveys are free and won’t require you real money but even if they do, compare the amount of money you pay for a survey and the money you would be paying in-game if you would get the coins and cash yourself.
  • Enjoy your free cash and coins in 8 Ball Pool!

download 8 ball pool hack

8 Ball Pool is an extremely addictive and fun app for iOS, android and the web developed by Miniclip. It features a big billiard online community and it has lots of other features that we will talk about later. The game is very popular among online players and also has a very big community already from the web that has been driven into the mobile platforms. Not everyone excels and the game has been built especially for everybody! Casual players like me can activate the helping lines to have a better aiming and to see the ball movement predictions, this is for total noobs I know but I am one unfortunately. For the players that want a challenge you can turn off your helping lines and go for the online experience and start climbing the ladder of professionals!

Basics of the game, accessing online generator tool for 8 Ball Pool

You can play the game in the online multiplayer experience only if you connect through your own Google or Facebook or Miniclip account that is requiring a username and a password. Once connected you can play the single player tournaments or go straight for the online experience (playing with friends or with strangers). From the menu you can already see you are going to need our 8 Ball Pool hack to receive unlimited coins and cash. The coins are earned by playing the game (winning or losing games even though it is a bigger reward if you win), winning them at the daily spin you get and also you can get cash and coins by paying real money to the developer and receive in-game cash and coins with the following rates:

  • 2$ = 10 CASH or 10.000 COINS + 50 VIP Points
  • 5$ = 25 CASH or 26.000 COINS + 140 VIP Points
  • 10$ = 110 CASH or 56.000 COINS + 320 VIP Points
  • 20$ = 250 CASH or 128.000 COINS + 740 VIP Points
  • 50$ = 800 CASH or 400.000 COINS + 2.150 VIP Points
  • 100$ = 2.000 CASH or 1.000.000 COINS + 5.000 VIP Points

All of the cash or coins you get in the presented rates have a percent addition to the base value, meaning that for example if you get cash for 2$ you get 10% more CASH or 25% more COINS. So if we take 10% off the 10 CASH we get its meaning that for the 2$ price you get only 9 CASH. Also as you can see there is a new valuable there, the VIP Points. These VIP Points help you to advance in the games own ladder of player experience. You start off as a Bronze VIP player in the VIP CLUB and can go as high as a Black Diamond VIP. The difference between each new rank is the change of the rewards you get after each match played (benefits as they call it). Based on your rank you will receive a boost in VIP points, coins purchases, cash purchases, spin & win prizes, hourly free coins, free coin gifts, friend joined reward, XP earned and daily spins. These variables can go from the base value such as x1 up to 8 times the rewards (x8). Anyway can fill those extremely fast if you will use our 8 Ball Pool online hack tool to receive unlimited cash and coins. Through these 8 Ball Pool cheats you will be able to buy as many things as you want in the game.

The single player stages and the importance of a better cue

So, you can play as I’ve said in the beginning the single player tournaments if you are just a casual player looking for some billiard fun. There are five big stages starting off with London and following with Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo and Las Vegas. There will also be way more cities to fight on announced by the game developer Miniclip. To enter the match each player pays a fee (even if you fight against the computer) and if you win the game you get twice the amount you paid. Playing the game is very easy, you can adjust the angle of your cue stick with your finger and as a beginner you will see the helping line too (the trajectory) of your both cue ball and the ball you are aiming for. Once you are confident with your shot just pull back the power meter of your cue stick as much as you want or think you need to shoot.

You have 30 seconds to take your shot and if you miss this time frame the opponent can move the cue ball where he wants and also you will lose your turn (pretty logically). To win, you simply have to pot either all the solid or striped balls and also leave the 8 ball for the end.

At first, you get a standard cue but don’t worry! There are better cues with a better force, aim, spin and additional time for you to shoot with. The cues are categorized like this: standard (gained by paying with coins), premium (gained by paying with cash) and country (gained by paying with cash) cues. The best cue is the Galaxy Cue which is valued at almost 45$ (750 in-game CASH). 99% of the players won’t pay 45$ for just an imaginary cue for a better shot at a game, that’s why they use my online generator of resources for 8 Ball Pool and get unlimited coins and cash. So they enjoy the game at its full potential and do not waste their money.

Online experience and rankings with 8 Ball Pool Cheats

Since there are lots of players and the application exceeds 100 million downloads only on android platform you will find yourself an enemy pretty quickly in the online plays. By playing online with others you will also earn experience points for your player profile and VIP points. You can also chat with others by using the so called chat packs which allows you to quickly send predefined text to others such as “Hello!”, “Great game!”, “Nice try!” and so on.

In the online matches you can buy power-ups in order to have better aiming, bigger force or a bigger amount of time at your turn. Also as you progress you unlock certain skills that increase your overall playing experience for the better. The time limit in the online might be too long but hey, you need to aim well before you shoot so if your enemy takes his time, take yours too!


Overall the game is excellent from many points of view. Unfortunately, there are still bugs like the online connectivity but those can be easily passed by if you really want to enjoy it. I give this game a 10/10 rating for the fun I’ve had so far and I hope you will have the same fun as me! Good luck!